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cliff. the president says he is willing to compromise but not collapse. >> but i refuse to accept any approach that isn't balanced. >> reporter: in 53 days, congress faces a deadline. if this don't reach a deal, americans could face a double whammy, losing federal programs and jobs with stiff tax hikes. >> everybody's taxes will automatically go up on january 1st. everybody's. including the 98% of americans who make less than $250,000 a year. and that makes no sense. >> reporter: the president wants to raise taxes on the wealthy, but republicans say if income and apayton role taxes are extended for middle class americans, they should be for everyone. >> this is an opportunity for the president to lead. >> reporter: house republican speaker john boehner said he would only be open to it by
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closing tax loopholes. >> ensure that 2013 is finally the year that our government comes to grips with the major problems facing us. >> reporter: everyone would be affected. payroll taxes would increase and bush-era tax cuts would end. the unemployed would see benefits run out and the congressional budget office is already warning of a 9.1% unemployment rate and double- dip recession. >> very, very unusual for the cbo to come out and and predict a recession. >> why not look at sims and bulls, although it's two years later. >> reporter: looming large for our area, possible massive job cuts if automatic pentagon cuts are not stopped and risk
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207,000 jobs in virginia, 114,000 jobs in maryland, and 127,000 jobs in the district. well, the white house says that both leaders are going to look at these sides and come to an agreement at some point. but right now they don't know when. leaders from both parties in the senate and the house will begin meeting at the white house next week in the hopes of finding a solution. the fiscal cliff deadline occurs january 1. just yesterday, will, it's important to point out, republicans cannot simply stalemate to get their way. harry reid said bluntly, we are not going to be pushed around. >> they are both drawing their lines in the sound. tom fitzgerald, thank you. now more on that major shake-up at the highest levels of our government. the director he of the cia, retired general petraeus, announcing he is stepping down as director. why? he admits he was cheating on his wife. fox's nicole collins shows us how this is all playing out.
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>> reporter: cia director general david petraeus stepping down after 561 days on the job, offering president obama his resignation on thursday. general petraeus saying in a statement to the cia work force, i showed extremely poor judgment by engaging in an extramarital affair. such bare behavior is unacceptable. petraeus, who just turned 60, was appointed head of langley in april of last year. sources close to petraeus tell fox news this was his choice and had nothing to do with the situation in benghazi and that the general was looking forward to testifying on capitol hill about libya. in a statement, the president called petraeus' decades of service extraordinary, saying by any measure he was one of the outstanding general officers of his generation helping our military adapt to new challenges and leading our men and women in uniform through a remarkable period of service in iraq and afghanistan where he helped our
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nation put those wars on a path to responsible end. the president, going on to say, his thoughts and prayers are with the general and his wife of 37 years. also newed tonight -- new tonight, the soon to be ceo of lockheed martin resigned today. christopher cube sick is leaving his post immediately. he served as chairman, president and chief operating officer. the details surrounding his resignation are not clear yet. an acting ceo has been named. the federal government is investigating the controversial passage of recreational marijuana use in both colorado and washington state. today attorney general eric holder from the state's governors to talk about how they would implement the law. the mesh souray laos adults over 21 to have -- measure allows
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adults to have small amounts of pot. you know, many are promising to offer a variety of alternatives to smoking marijuana. >> canned december -- candies, lotions, soups, barbecue sauce, pizza. you are not taking any carcinogens. you are just using the natural elements of the plant. >> the federal government is considering a lawsuit to block the law from taking effect. 17 states and d.c. allow medical marijuana use. president obama will travel to new york next week to see the recovery after hurricane sandy and that nasty nor'easter. he'll tour the badly battered region on thursday. the double whammy storms knocked out powers to hundreds of thousands who were finally starting to get the power back on. in staten island sanitation trucks are using heavy claws to clear debris from the streets. one neighborhood is still submerged in 12 feet of water.
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this is neighborhood a fuel mile from the ocean. residents are still freezing in the dark in their badly damaged home. >> my daughter three and i bundled her up in blankets and put her between my husband and myself to get the body heated, the warmth. >> i haven't figured that out yet. i really haven't. it's the next step, i guess. >> it's just awful. it's just beyond. it's earlier it. it's awful. it's undone. >> well, you can certainly understand when you look at these images why emotions are still so raw. many homeowners say even with insurance they are going to have to pay for personal expenses. meantime, gas shortages are looming after superstorm sandy. as fox's joel wad man tells us drivers with even and odd license plates have to get on a waiting list just to get gas. >> reporter: you need energy just to get some. the line for gas at this west
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side hess station extends down 10th avenue as far as the eye can see. >> this is horrible. horrible. >> very frustrating. >> reporter: since sandy struck it seems like it's been easier to get around on these. so now the mayor has signed an executive order instituting gas rationing until further notice. >> it has worked well in new jersey and although they are more severe here, we help it will mitigate the worst of our problems. >> reporter: like jersey, cars with plates ending on even numbers are only allowed to gas up on even days. odd on odd days, along with vainty plates. cabs and people carrying canisters are exempt. most people we spoke with seem to support the mayor's order. >> i'm sure he knows the data and he is probably doing the right thing. >> i think that's a great idea to slow this gas thing up because it's ridiculous. >> reporter: with power still out and with major infrastructure damage in the wake of sandy, rationing is
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also coming to long island. news edge on montgomery county where police are searching for a robber who held up achy polt lay restaurant nearly three weeks ago. this is surveillance video from the incident. it happened on north frederick avenue in gaithersburg. the robber entered the restaurant through a back door and point add handgun at one of the employees. the robber stole cash and then took off. and in the district, a court appearance today for a teenager accused of beating up an 81-year-old woman after he allegedly broke into her home here in the chevy chase section of northwest d.c. investigators say he broke into her home on wednesday afternoon. police say he attacked the elderly woman and then stole a computer from her home. as we've been reporting, she is legally blind and gets around
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using a cane. navy s.e.a.l.s and a scandal. still ahead on the news edge at six, how a video game jeopardized the military careers of seven men. >> plus, more details on that deadly 9/11 attack on the u.s. in libya. >> and weather takes a turn. hoping for warmer weather. >> yes, it's a good turn, will. i think a lot of people are going to enjoy the fact that we have a nice warm-up coming and the nor'easter has headed into the open waters of the atlantic. we will talk about that what means for the forecast next. >> coming up the terps and hoyas prepare for their not so easy season owners. plus an update on the contract satis of davey johnson. that story and more as news edge at six continues. 
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seven u.s. navy s.e.a.l.s are under fair after sharing disclosed information with the makers of a popular military game. here's the game. it's called metal of honor war
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fighter. authorities say the sales released classified information and misused command gear while working as paid consultants to help create the game. the s.e.a.l.s had been reprimanded. four others are under investigation. vice president joe biden's youngest son joins the military. today 42-year-old hunter biden was selected as a pubilc affairs officer for the navy reserve. the vice president's oldest son bo is a army natural guard member. monday marks veteran's day. but workers at a at&t didn't want to wait. they inslighted people to come in and record a video and publicly thank veterans for their sacrifice. >> i am she served in the army
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for nearly 16 years and has worked for at&t 8 years. new information uncord in that deadly consulate attack in libya. >> then unique protest outside the white house. and these college students are walking on water. they are wearing water shoes built during an architecture lesson. they decided to try out the shoes by walking to the other side of a 175-foot lake on campus. good exercise, too. the first to do it won 500 bucks. stay with us. 
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we are learning tonight about a dozen new suspects involved in the deadly
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consulate attack in libya. fox news has learned the accused may be connected to an egyptian group whose leaders has close ties to al-qaeda. u.s. officials believe the suspects train in camps in libya. the libya attack killed four americans, killing chris stevens. meantime, a moving tribute in the nation's capital for the late amsterdam. >> reporter: u.s. amsterdam chris stevens along with three other americans were killed in an attack in benghazi, libya, september 11. friends and colleagues, secretary of state hillary clinton says his legacy will live on. >> he was an inspiration to all who knew him during his life. he remains an inspiration now and i believe far into the future.
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>> reporter: nearly two months since the attack, officials are looking into the incident and working to improve safety protocols. >> we now have a formal accountability review board investigating the attack that killed chris and we will apply its recommendations and lessons learned to improving security everywhere. >> reporter: his sister earned a standing ovation as she accepted his award on his behalf. she also revealed some personal details about her brother. >> his enaging personality, how many of my girlfriends had crushes on him, enabled him to cross the cultural divide with ease. he enjoyed talking to people from all walks of life and was keen to understand the thoughts and worries of those he met. >> reporter: several congressional committees will hold classified hearings on the matter next year. it was a circus of sorts in
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downtown d.c. tonight. members of peta dressed as elephants and rallied outside the white house. they say they are calling on president obama to order the department of ag to free elephants used in the circus. turning now to weather. it's friday. all we could get was sue, so we'll have to deal with it. >> have to deal with zea hey, lots smile about because after all this cold weather looks like a warm up. >> we need it, don't we? i think it's going to be extremely pleasant this weekend. we ditched the wind. tonight will be a nice one, too. take a jacket along if you are going out on the town like will thomas. are you going to be here later? >> a working guy tonight we have got a beautiful evening on tap although a little bit on the chilly side. we are going to get a nice bump up in temperatures omorrow. today's high was 58 degrees. 64 degrees tomorrow with mostly sunny skies. might be high, thin clouds that pass through from time to time. some of you get a three day weekend out of it because sunday is veteran's day.
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68 degrees for the city but some low 70s will be around. so that will feel fantastic get the porch ready. you can do some porch sitting part of the day sunday for sure. dulles today was 57. that's below average. average is 61 degrees. tonight we already find some temperatures down into the 40s here at 6:00. 48 in frederick. 47 for baltimore. here in the district 53 degrees. you will definitely notice that chill tonight if you are going to be heading out. a lot of chill across the rests northeast. new york is in recovery mode now. temperature of 49 degrees. the weather is going to improve for them, too, as it's mostly sunny skies across the mid-atlantic. now that the sun is down, clear skies. our next storm system way out in the west. they are getting blizzard conditions across parts of montana and they are going to notice that in wyoming as well. it's mostly high pressure in charge. that's all the clear skies we have. we will eventually get some of
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that rain but it's going to take to monday or tuesday night to get here. we will have three really nice days here coming up. above nom tomorrow for our saturday with lots of sunshine thanks to high pressure to the south. it will stay in place for sunday. it slips off the coast just a little bit late in the day and that allows warmer air to come in on the west side of it. so a nice south wind is going to bring those temperatures in the upper 60s to the low 70s back into town a warm above-average sunday for us. so veteran's day looking really fantastic. overnight the upper 30s to low 40s. so not as cold as last night under clear skies. wind direction has a lot to do with that. it's out of the west-northwest tonight. there will be some 30s in the suburbs. a nice saturday. a south wind brings our temperature up to 34 degrees. a few clouds here and there. but still on balance more sun than clouds. you know about our really nice weekend. here is your day planner for saturday. 47 at 8:00 in the morning. by noon 61. by 4:63 degrees with lots of
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sunshine. here is your fox5 accuweather 7-day forecast. a nice day monday as well with a temperature of 67 degrees. clouds increase in the afternoon. rain holds off, will, until monday night. the next front coming monday night into tuesday, we could have maybe a rumble of thudder in a couple of spots. then that clears out and our temperatures stay back in the mid 50s for wednesday, thursday, friday. gary said enjoy because this may be the end of it, right? >> yeah, if we don't see the temperatures in the upper 60s to 70s. let's talk about christmas on the potomac. the national harbor is bringing back a popular holiday attraction called ice. the indoor wonderland features sculptures made entirely out of ice. this year's theme in case you haven't figured it out with all these green images shrek the halls. this is like a cocktail party
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at sue's. two million pounds of ice made of all different kinds of colors. party. ice opens november 16. and as the six continues tonight, d.c. united is on to the next one in the playoffs, but only after a wild final game in the semis. 
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good evening. i am lindsay murphy. davey johnson and nationals have agreed on terms for next season and both sides say 2013 will be johnson's final season as the nats' manager. also congrats to ian desmond, stephen strasburg and adam la robe who were named winners of the silver slugger awards. he is now a free agent. the nats can still sign
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laroche. >> last night mls ian conference d.c. united and the red bulls scoreless. fouled by united bill a deed. he was furious. he was given a red card and ejected. now backup keeper joe willis. cooper fires. it's a goal. but wait. they're going to call it off. new york was in the penalty area. let's do it again. this time willis is money. a huge save. he may have saved the game. still scoreless. 89th minute. united this time on the attack and watch nick deleon, the refutes winning goal. d.c. united wins one e. >> united is now on to the eastern conference finals sun in houston. they are two matches away from hosting the mls cup at rfk stadium. >> the terps have a tall task ahead. tonight they open up their season against not only third ranked but the defending national champion kentucky wildcats. he missed eight weeks last
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season and then 14 games later for his acl. this is his comeback year. >> i'm just a competitor. so i also want to always have my team out watching. i can see things differently from what they can see. i wish i could be out there, you know, try to express it to them and show them what i was seeing. so it was definitely good. >> everyone is excited. the first game of the season. a new arena. we are all excited. i think it's going to help us, it's going to bring a lot of energy to the game. >> tonight aboard the deck of the uss ship, a litmus test for a georgetown team that features no seniors. a team that finished with a 24- 9 joe all record. >> i feel like i need more time, you know. there are so many things that we still have to get better at and stuff to work on and you look and say the season ran up on us
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pretty quickly here. we are going to have to defend. >> it's a big first game. most teams start out with lower ranked teams. we have a good first game against florida, a team that's ranked in the top 25. to we don't have a chance to relax. there is a lot of pressure on us from the beginning to prove to the world that we can play and that's what we're going to go out and do. >> the hoyas tip-off at 9:15. let's head over to shawn with a look at what's coming your way next at 10:00. looks like we don't have time for that. we have a lot more coming your way. we have a lot of games to watch. see you tonight. 
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